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Nutritional supplements are those compounds or vitamins found in food or any equivalent substance, that provide the human body deficient nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body system. Some food substances that provide the human body with all the nutritional supplements required to operate in an efficient process, consists of; flour and bread products which sometimes contains a lot of iron and vitamin B supplements. Also, some others are riboflavin, niacin, and citrus beverages which have a huge amount of vitamin Cs concentrated in it. A salt is also a good form of a nutritional supplement in the body, this is because research has proven that when iodine is added to salt, it is useful in eliminating goiter; which is an inflammation of the body part of which it affects, commonly found in the throat. Also, vitamin D may be added to baby foods as it has been proven it aids in eliminating rickets.

Given the present time and age in which we find ourselves today, there have been many misrepresented concepts about the value of nutritional supplements and surprisingly these concepts are emerging from the spectrum of science and its guises. The fact that these unproven concepts are emerging from scientific fields have probably had a lot of people, especially those who depend on information from field professionals in a strait of mind. Why this concept has its root more in ideologies than actual hypothesis is the fact, that it ignores the bulks of research which had already been proven and also, it pays no heed to the fact that some many centuries ago, the human practice of employing herbs, food, minerals and natural sources in the field of therapy had always been a success.

An instance is in 2012, an editorial journal published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine, titled enough is enough: Stop Wasting Money on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements” concluded with the words: We believe that the case is closed-supplementing the diet of well-nourished adults with (most) mineral or vitamin supplements have no evidenced benefit and might even be malignant. Therefore, these vitamins should be avoided for chronic diseases.


Given the above statement, one can clearly view how the author sees the use of nutritional supplements in the field of medicinal application. Thus we can conclude that they are not being realistic about the fact that the use of nutritional supplements back dates even before the discovery of medicinal science. Although it is a proven thing that nutritional supplements don't actually heal all kinds of situations but it is wrong to undermine the fact that it is a good curative for some known ailments.

The truth is that the modern markets are flooded with nutritional supplements which had been manufactured from poor sources or unverified food sources. This constitutes to the many reasons why some of these supplements don't actually work as they are supposed to. Today's inexperienced people can't tell the difference between one food supplement and the other given the many sales of numerous competitive supplements producers. Therefore these people end up taking the wrong supplements for the right reasons and this in effect would do no observable benefits

For those people who are willing to engage in the use of supplements for medicinal purposes, it is advised that you see a doctor or a professional, who is capable of recommending the best quality nutritional supplements which could be of a benefit for your ailment you employ for its cure. Another recommendation is acknowledging some series of guidelines in this article which could be of use for you in choosing the right supplements in today's competitive market.


Research has proven that getting the right multivitamins required in the right dosage of administration actually can help prevent the brain from risks associated with brain problems, cardiovascular issues resulting from a heart attack or the general health risks associated with elderly people. The use of multivitamins has continually proven to provide a starting point for nutrition which the body significantly requires to function in propriety.

Because of the well-known fact that all body systems are not the same, it is important a person does some series of tests to actually determine what nutritional supplements could work in his/her favor. The conceptual fact that what works for your neighbor could significantly not work for you is a sure fact in ascertaining the matter. The reason why this is important is because, some people have sufficient amount of nutrients in the body and so, they need little external nutrient to make their bodies function at desired pace and in the other case some people lack such nutrients and must need to supplement their bodies with a lot more nutrient for it to give desired effects.


The markets today are flooded by synthetic versions of vitamins, which is a contrast to the naturally produced supplements and significantly, it is ineffective. Also, these synthetic supplements are malignant in a way and research has proven that the continual use of such synthetic supplements could lead to the development of lung cancer or lung-related problems.



Conscious of the fact that many people do fall victim for these synthetic substances. It is reassuring to note that not all synthetic substances are ineffective, this is the case if the synthetic nutritional supplement contains vitamin A, which is commonly found in chlorella and other whole foods, also beta-carotene, make up for the lost nutrients which your body desires to function effectively.


Natural supplements do more good to your body than preserved food. When on the lookout for buying supplements, make quality a priority and not quantity. Many supplement manufacturers don't actually use the right amount of nutrients in producing their products and they flood it cheap in the market looking for quick and huge cash. But the effective supplement producers put more nutrients in their products and they sell it at expensive prices, to make up for the supplement worth. It is advised that you should go for the expensive and verified supplements than the cheap inexpensive ones.


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